Mick Lemmerman

Mick Lemmerman grew up on the Isle of Dogs, living in Manchester Road close to Christ Church.
In recent years, he and fellow amateur historians have energetically researched the history of the Island, sharing information via websites, local history newsletters, social networking sites and blogs (http://islandhistory.wordpress.com and http://isleofdogsdiary.wordpress.com).

Mick has written two books on Island History: The (Old) Isle of Dogs from A to Z  and The Isle
of Dogs During World War II
, (limited editions available from Friends of Island History Trust
as well as editing Ann Regan-Atherton's Heavy Rescue Squad Work on the
Isle of Dogs: Bill Regan's Diary from the Second World War

He also wrote the (much shorter but by no means less important) text for the
Bullivant's Wharf memorial on Thames Path.

Mick Lemmerman's photograph, titled 'Kids pulling cow' is featured on the
Mudchute Farm heritage board.